Parenting programs content

Parenting programs content

Parenting programs content

This section outlines what parents should know (core knowledge) and what parents can do (effective parenting practices) to reduce young people’s AOD use and harms.

The content has been incorporated into sample resources that LDATs can adapt for different audiences and for delivery in different formats.

AOD Primary Prevention

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Evidence-based content for parenting programs (Section 6) includes:

  • Summary: What parents can do to reduce young people’s AOD use and harms

AOD knowledge for parents

  • Factors that influence young people’s risk of AOD use and harm
  • Alcohol and young people
  • Alcohol guidelines and laws in Australia
  • Information and support services

Effective parenting practices for preventing AOD use and harm

  • Delay drinking alcohol
  • Role model low-risk drinking
  • Build and maintain a healthy relationship with your child
  • Establish family rules
  • Monitor your child
  • Encourage participation in supervised activities
  • Talk about alcohol and other drugs
  • Support school connectedness and attendance
  • Build media literacy

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