Develop a peer support Community Action Plan

Develop a peer support Community Action Plan

Develop a peer support Community Action Plan

How to develop and deliver a Community Action Plan

As part of your participation in the LDAT program, you will need to develop a Community Action Plan (CAP) to outline the activity you plan to deliver in the community.

You will need to consult with partners and the community to inform your approach and selection of your evidence-based activity.

When you submit your CAP, you can also can apply for further funding to help you deliver your activity. All CAPs are reviewed and assessed by independent members of an ADF internal panel.

The online CAP form includes six stages to help you focus your activity:

  1. Confirm your local issue and target audience
  2. Determine your project/s and activities
  3. Set your objectives
  4. Map your steps
  5. Define your budget
  6. Measure your success.

Vision, mission and values statement

A Vision, Mission and Values statement can help an organisation understand why they are doing this activity, and what their program aims to achieve. This can be used to explain your program to potential participants or other stakeholders, and can be useful in designing your program.

Peer Support Program Vision, Mission and Values Statement

Developed by the ADF for LDATs to use.

Vision: Young people are supported to live healthy and fulfilling lives unlimited by alcohol and drug harm.

Mission: Connect young people with dependable and enthusiastic peers in order to build their skills and wellbeing and delay or prevent the use of drugs and alcohol.

Values: The five core principles of peer support:

  • work where young people are at
  • involve the right people
  • focus on relationships
  • encourage young people’s ownership
  • be safe and boundaried.22

Peer support approaches are aligned with the purpose of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation and the Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) program, as outlined below.

Alcohol and Drug Foundation

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) is Australia’s leading organisation committed to inspiring positive change and delivering evidence-based approaches to minimise alcohol and drug harm.

Vision: Lives unlimited by alcohol and drug harm.

Mission: Inspire positive change and deliver evidence-based approaches to minimise alcohol and drug harm.

Ambition: By 2025 we have changed knowledge, attitudes and practices so that we prevent and delay uptake amongst young people and strengthen prevention and harm reduction strategies for all. We will have achieved this by increasing adoption of evidence-based approaches.

ADF’s Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) Program supports communities to work together to prevent and minimise the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs. There are Local Drug Action Teams across Australia with more than 1500 organisations working to support the delivery of locally led primary prevention actions in their communities.


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