Supervision for peer supporters

Supervision for peer supporters

Supervision for peer supporters

The need for ongoing support

Peer supporters have a challenging task and deserve support.

Providing supervision for peer supporters will help to maintain their interest and commitment, build confidence, develop skills and sustain the program.

Regular debriefings with the peer supporters will also enable the Program Coordinator to monitor, provide feedback, help to manage any conflict and identify needs of participants.

Supervision and debriefing can occur informally as a conversation or more formally as a meeting.

Supervision is aided by:

  • peer supporters keeping a record of each peer activity
  • regular debriefings by the Program Coordinator
  • regular meetings of peer supporters to enable sharing of experiences and ideas.

LDATs should ensure:

  • peer support program activities have quality, supervised and structured activities
  • peer supporters know where they can access help and support
  • LDATs can provide peer supporters with an after-hours phone number, usually that of the Peer Support Program Coordinator, in case they're confronted with an emergency concerning the young person.


Peer supporters should be keep a formal record of sessions with their peers.

Record-keeping will vary depending on the approach of the peer support activity. Peer supporters may record individual sessions (e.g. peer mentoring) or for more informal peer support activities, they may reflect on multiple interactions with young people over time.

The record could include audio-recordings, photographs and film, as well as written comments - providing the appropriate permissions have been granted, including parental permission for under 18s.

Peer leaders tracking form

Regular debriefing

Debriefing describes a structured process of discussing and reflecting on a previous session or meeting.

It enables participants to discuss any issues that arose, aspects that were successful, and matters that need attention or improvement. Debriefing helps to maintain motivation and commitment to the program.

Debriefing by the Program Coordinator might take place weekly or fortnightly and may be conducted in person or via telephone or the internet. Individual and group debriefing are also options.

Programs that provide regular supervision and support for peer supporters are far more likely to be successful.

LDATs should keep a record of each debriefing session. A Sample Debriefing Session Template is provided below for your LDAT to adapt and use.


Learn: Sample debriefing session template

Sample debriefing session template

Meetings of peer supporters

LDATs may wish to organise regular meetings of peer supporters to enable sharing of experiences and ideas. The debriefing questions provided can be used to guide peer supporter discussions.

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