Role of peer supporters

Role of peer supporters

Role of peer supporters

Peer supporters are often older adolescents (e.g. aged 16-17 years) who want to use their knowledge, skills and experience in a planned and structured way to assist younger adolescents (aged around 12-15 years) to achieve certain aims, such as develop skills, understanding, confidence and self-awareness.

This role suits people who are seeking, or naturally taking on, a leadership position to support their peers. While peer supporters are often older, but sometimes they're the same age as the peers they're supporting.

Peer supporters come from all walks of life and have differing levels of formal education and life experiences. Collectively, they offer a wide range of interests and expertise.

The role of peer supporters will vary between projects and should be tailored to fit the individual LDAT and project needs.

A sample Peer Supporter Role Description is provided for LDATs to adapt when recruiting peer supporters.


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