Peer program evaluation

Peer program evaluation

Peer program evaluation

Checklist for the closure and evaluation process

To close out and evaluate the program, follow these steps:

  • seek input from peer supporters, potentially through a private and confidential exit interview or an evaluation survey (see resources below)
  • acknowledge and celebrate the positive impacts and successes of the peer support program
  • present peer supporters with a certificate and/or statement of skills at the conclusion of the relationship
  • arrange a celebration event for the group of program participants
  • publish an evaluation report of the Peer Support Program and share it with your LDAT partners and stakeholders
  • showcase participants’ feedback on the positive impacts of the program via a series of social media posts or program newsletter.

Sample resources

Exit Evaluation Survey



Statement of Skills

Learn: Sample statement of skills

Peer sample skills statement

Information to collect in in exit interviews

Ask your program participants some or all of these questions at the end of the program:

  • what was their most enjoyable activity?
  • how often did they meet with their peer/s?
  • what did they most value in the relationship?
  • what goals did they set and achieve? What enabled this?
  • what goals were set but were not achieved? Why?
  • what was learnt that was unexpected?
  • what would/should they not do again?
  • what should the program not do again?
  • how would they improve the program?35
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