Mentor matching criteria

Mentor matching criteria

Mentor matching criteria

It is important to make appropriate matches from the start.

The needs and interests of the young person are paramount in the matching process.

Research indicates the best predictor of a successful match is the mentor and mentee having shared interests.

Matching criteria may include:

  • preferences and goals of the young person, mentor and their parent or guardian
  • shared interests between the mentor and young person
  • gender
  • age
  • language requirements
  • preferences of program participants
  • life experience
  • mentor’s skills and expertise
  • similarity in personalities and temperaments
  • availability including compatibility of meeting times
  • geographic closeness
  • any special needs.

Sample match decision-making worksheet

This worksheet may help LDATs to record and make decisions about matching young people with appropriate mentors.

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Mentor match decision worksheet

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