Formalising and commencing the match

Formalising and commencing the match

Formalising and commencing the match

The Match Agreement sets out the basic requirements of the program.

The Match Agreement

These elements include the duration of the match, frequency of meetings, the roles, responsibilities and expectations of the participants, the boundaries of the relationship and confidentiality. It is a signed statement of understanding that all parties agree to the conditions of the match and the mentoring relationship.

The Match Agreement should be signed by four parties—the mentor, mentee, Program Coordinator and parent or guardian. The Match Agreement gives transparency to the arrangement and helps all parties commit to the task.

Note that matches can fail, despite best efforts – where possible provide opportunities for re-matching.

LDATs should have in place:

  • a process for mediation when matches are experiencing difficulties
  • a process for re-matching when a miss-match takes place
  • a process for termination of the match.

Learn more: sample match agreement

Sample match agreement

Program commencement

Once the agreement is in place, the mentor program meeting sessions commence.

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