Mentoring matching decision

Mentoring matching decision

Mentoring matching decision

Responsibility for the matching decision lies with the LDAT and the LDAT’s Mentoring Program Coordinator.

The matching decision is made based on data collected during the screening and selection process and the program’s matching criteria. The matching process will be limited by the suitability of applications and the similarity of mentor/mentee interests.

Inform people from the outset that the matching process can take time because you are trying to make the ‘ideal’ match for them so that it will be successful in the long term.

Some programs allow prospective mentors and mentees to contribute to the matching decision.

Include mentors and mentees in the matching decision

Use the following strategies:
  • ask mentors and mentees to indicate their interests in their Program Application to help you make a match based on common interests
  • provide a social occasion where prospective mentors and mentees can get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere before a match is considered
  • consult with family members and school staff who know the mentee
  • try matching in a group setting with lots of icebreaker activities to see where natural pairings occur.

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